Van Zandt Cottage




What….in the World is that rock with a hole in it?????? Well, it’s Fort Worth’s first road building equipment. Wrapped a chain through the hole and pulled it with mules and graded the dirt roads. Located on the grounds of the Van Zandt cottage. The next Photo is the Van Zandt Cottage at 2900 Crestline Road, said to be the oldest house in Fort Worth on it’s original foundation. Mr. Van Zandt is largely responsible for the great City that Fort Worth has become. When he came t…o Ft Worth, the City was about to become a ghost Town. Some of K.M. Van Zandt’s major contributions to Fort Worth:
•1866 – Helped start first post Civil War school in Fort Worth
•1872 – Part of a group that negotiated to bring the Texas and Pacific Railroad to Fort Worth
•1875 – Organized Tarrant County Construction Company to grade final 30 miles of railroad
•1876 – First train pulled in to Fort Worth (July 19)
•1876 – Helped organize the Fort Worth Street Railway Company; first car on the tracks December 25
•1877-1930 – Served as a school trustee for more than 25 years, and President of the board of the First Christian Church until his death
•1883 -1930 – Organized Fort Worth National Bank with partners and was president until his death
•1885-1891 – City Treasurer
•1894-1896 – Fort Worth City Council
•1913-1915 – Park Board Commissioner

For your information, the Van Zandt Cottage can be found just to the South of Farrington Field. Check it out.


Prince Domino Return

At the corner of Las Vegas Tr. and Cortez in West Fort Worth is this Plaque, honoring Prince Domino Return. So who was Prince Domino Return? Turns out Prince Domino Return was a Champion Bull. The neighborhood where the plaque is, was evidently the location of the Harris Farm which produced the Champion Bull. Mr. Harris had his own little private hospital at 5th and Rosedale around 1907. Later became Harris Hospital.

Prince domino 2

Prince Domino