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Editors Note: Unfortunately the Journal is no longer being published. So subscriptions are no longer available. However, individual issues 1-9 are available for two bucks each.

36th Division, Fort Worth

36th Division U.S.A., passing in review, Fort Worth, Texas, Apr. 11th, 1918

THE TARRANT COUNTY HISTORICAL JOURNAL and Various other Great Information. This being a Narrative of my Wanderings, Journeys and Explorations In and about Tarrant County.

WISDOM Wisdom is a Rare thing among the sons and daughters of men. It cometh to them alone that hath had experience. Wisdom crieth aloud in the streets and no one answereth. Wisdom shoutest from the roof tops…….still no answer. The Journal is full of Wisdom, but only as you are a regular reader may you acknowledge it’s power. Your experience will then become the same experience of thousands of others. Now there is only one way of becoming a knower of Wisdom. That way is to send in your request for a copy of the Journal, for which you will be taxed the infinitestimal  sum of $2.00. This includes postage, but perchance you are a foreigner, then the postage is extra: however not severe. Thus you will be able to enjoy The JOURNAL in your own Domicile. This is a very special offer open only to special readers and thou wouldst run but slight risk in availing thyself of this opportunity to acquire so much knowledge. Also, may we say, wit ,humor, art and delectable Photos by the now famous Photographer, writer and Sketchiest  whose work is faithfully mirrored in each issue of The Journal. Thank You.

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