Vote for the “Best Photographer” in Fort Worth

Dear Friends,

 The year was 1959  and just out of Tech High School , I purchased my first camera, a Kodak Tourist folding Camera using 120 size film from the Camera Dept. of a store in Downtown Fort Worth. I still have the same camera, however today I use a digital camera. You probably cannot find 120 size film today.
Way back in the early 60’s or so, I worked in Fort Worth for “Wally Of Hollywood” as a Photographer. I took Portraits of Children and Family’s. Over a period of about a year I went into homes around Fort Worth plying my trade. I really enjoyed being a Photographer. I suspect that even today in photo albums around town that many hundreds of the Photos that I took can still be seen. I have also been very busy photographing all things Fort Worth and posting them on my web site.  The reason I am telling my life history in Photography is because “Fort Worth Texas, The City’s Magazine” is having their Best of 2015 coming up soon in their magazine. One of the category’s is “Best Photographer” I am asking you to look at the Photos on my web site and if you see fit, vote for me. So far, I have one vote, I voted for myself. You can vote for me at…/service/2015/best-photographer  The Vote ends April 1ST.  Thank You, Les Crocker.

Well, it is finally beginning to looking like I did not win the “Fort Worth Texas, The Citys Magazine” Best of 2015 “Best Photographer”. My invitation to the big party at Sundance Square the other night was evidently lost in the mail and the big Limo sent to fetch me most likely got drowned out what with all the rain we had here in the Springtown area. So, many thanks to the vast multitudes of loyal followers who voted for me. As Curley of the three Stooges would say, I will most “Soitenly” try again next year. Whoop, Whoop.


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